Who We Are

As our tag line says, we are passionate about website design, especially yours.

Cedar Springs Web DesignMost people looking for information go to the internet first. They do so because it is quick and easy, and in today's economy it is critical that your firm have a professional and cost effective website to connect with your market.

We dedicate our talents to designing your website so it attracts your target audience, keeps them interested in what you have to sell and gets them to return when they need more information. We ensure it is eye-catching, reflects your firm's personality, is intuitive to navigate and leads the user through your message.

Naturally, design and content are key elements to your site, as is search engine optimization (SEO). A well designed site ensures that your presence on the internet cuts through the clutter to be seen by those you want to communicate with.

Client Focused

Cedar Springs Web DesignWe dedicate ourselves to learn about our client's industry from the beginning of our relationship so that we have a clear understanding of their discipline's needs. We work in collaboration with our clients as design facilitators rather than authoritarians, building internet solutions that stand the test of time.


Weve worked with a lot of different clients and industries, from start-ups to multi-million dollar enterprises, from professionals to home owners. We can relate to them all because we've been there. Cedar Springs isn't just a remarkable design company, but an incredibly reliable partner too.

Lean and Mean

Well, lean... we're actually quite nice. We are intimate and build a one on one relationship with all of our clients. They all know that they are free to contact us at any time about anything, without the fear of the meter running.

Cedar Springs Web Design

Excellence is a Work Ethic

A client's project must fulfill its potential; only then are we content to put our stamp on their website. We tend to spend more time on jobs than others believing this investment is in both the client's and our best interest. Its a combination of versatility, quality and customer focused thinking that ensures success of your project.

We are Experienced

Having been focused on the design industry since the Y2K scare, we can proudly say that we are going to be around for the long haul. We regularly seek out educational opportunities, always looking for ways to hone our skills.

It's easy to Contact Us if you would like to discuss your situation. We would be pleased to hear from you.

we love our clients

What can I say??!! Thank you so much. It has been such an extreme pleasure working with you. Having researched numerous web design companies, I came across your site. Sending that initial email to you was the best decision I could have made! Your professionalism, patience, humour, talent, and knowledge made working with you so enjoyable. You took my idea and created a custom site for my ...

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